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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The broken window

The broken window

i would like to share a story about the broken window, which is written by Ivory Illusion, hope you like it as much as i do.:D

The Broken Window

As the sun turned orangey gold declaring the end of a tiring day, Imran knew the hard work of this day has ended. He grabbed the water pot beside him and sat on the old tree trunk drinking, facing the slowly fading sun. From behind him came his younger sister Abida, looking at him with her wide green eyes. Her smile lifted all the exhaustion he felt. She sat beside him and gazed at the horizon where the sun was going to vanish into in a little while. Both brother and sister were thinking of the same thing but did not speak to each other. As if they were connected by telepathy. Tears began to rundown Abeda’s cheeks silently then she looked at Imran who tried so hard to hide his feelings from her. He hugged her and kissed her forehead as she continued crying.

“I can’t believe that my little sister has grown up so quickly” Imran said bitterly swallowing his pain and added “I promise you that I will make you the best wedding in the village”
“No… you don’t have to do than, look at yourself. You don’t eat well; don’t have enough sleep and barely rest. I can’t let you do that to yourself for… for me!”
“Don’t worry about me dear, I will be alright, I just want father to be resting in piece knowing that I am taking good care of you and mother”
“He knows that you are doing your best, please Imran don’t push yourself so hard”
“I promised I will make you the best wedding and that is what you’ll get so be happy about it and show me your lovely smile, come one where is it, let me see it.”
She looked at him with her teary eyes and smiled when all of a sudden their brotherly moment was interrupted by their mother’s cry calling Imran. He ran to her in the stable and the old women said in a worried tone as she saw him “The calf, the black calf ran to the woods!”
“Oh no! I have to go get it.”
“Don’t go now! It’s getting dark” said the worried mother.
“Yes, the sun will be gone in minutes, wait till the morning” Added Abeda.
“I can’t risk it, it is your husband’s gift, I have to get it back” Imran replied while running to the woods as fast as he could, vanishing into darkness in front of his worried mother and sister.

In the woods, Imran stopped to catch his breath, and found himself surrounded completely by long trees. It was dark, but only little sunlight made him make him was through the jungle, never the less he still wanted to find that calf no matter what. He walked hoping to spot the calf soon before night falls. But, there was no sign of it anywhere.
Suddenly, behind the bushes he thought he saw it jumping and running away taking a visible clear route on the ground which he followed as fast as possible. Till he reached a wall of long bushes blocking his sight, through it was the only way that the calf could go, it was the end of that route. He quickly crossed through it and found himself standing in front of a huge abandoned old mansion and a broken window facing him painted in light blue. Things were much visible in the mansion aria because he was out of the woods. He looked at the sky and saw that there would be no way for him to return home at this hour because he was practically lost in a place he never knew existed.

He went to check the place so he can find a room to spend the night in away from the cold night wind. The bricks in the wall were clearly visible behind the pealed old yellow paint and bare thin branches. Right in front of the window a tidy raw of wild flowers grew. He could barely see the colors; they were mostly red and orange. They made him feel like they were taken care of by a human from the way they were arraigned.

Imran approached the broken window trying to look inside the house. Something about this discovery bewitched him, he forgot about the calf and all of his worries. As his foot rested on the damp soil beneath him, he saw a shimmering light flickering for a moment lighting the dark room. He felt fear yet, wanted to know what the cause of that bright light was.
He got closer to the window, placed both hands on each side of the wall and looked carefully into the room. As he did, a great light struck the whole place swallowing him into the unknown.

Imran struggled to open his heavy eyelids, his body so weak, surrendering to the spellbinding enchanting angelic voice singing a soft lullaby above his head. He forced himself to open his eyes, and what he saw was way beyond what he imagined.
A woman or an angel, he no longer could tell, sat beside him on the edge of a wide silk bed. Her beauty was indescribable; she was the most beautiful woman his eyes have ever laid sight on. With skin like milk, hair as black as nigh, and eyes as light and transparent as fine agate, he no longer was able to speak, nor move. Afraid if he did he will disturb this magical being. He laid there unable to turn his eyes away from her face, studying its every little detail as she moved her lips to sing. He though he was dead in paradise, enjoying his reward for his hard life.

The woman knew he was finally awake and stopped singing. She looked at him with a light smile. He still was unable to speak, not because he physically couldn’t, but because he had no words to say. She swiftly tossed her long hair that rested on her chest behind her and stood up facing him. The young man could no longer think, he was totally overtaken buy her powerful gaze.

“You must be wondering how you ended up here?” the woman coquettishly said.
She moved in the room, walking back and forth beside the bed. Rolling the end of a lock of her hair on her finger and said “You are not dead.”
The farmer lifted his body and asked “If I am not dead then where am I?”
“You are at the same place you came to.”
“You mean the abandoned mansion? But that is impossible, I am sure no one was there!”
“How are you so sure?”
“Because I remember very well that the last thing I did was looking through the glass in to one of the rooms and nothing was there!”
“Oh, you mean you peeping into my room, this room.”
“Peeping?” Imran wondered loudly, and tried to remember, he was so sure nothing was there. It was nothing like this room. “That is not true, because I was pretty sure that nothing was in it!”
‘Oh’ she exclaimed taking the peacock feather fan placed on the side table beside the bed and continued as she swayed the fan near her beautiful face “There was… you simply was not able to see it.”
“What? What do you mean?”
“You have awakened me from my long slumber.”
“Awakened you?”
“You seem not to understand anything of this yet do you?”
“What should I understand? Who are you and what did you do to me?” He said as he moved to stand.
“You are here to break the window!”
“What are you talking bout? I have to go, please!”

The mysterious woman smiled and slowly walked back to him, stood so close, rested her right hand on Imran’s chest. He looked at her hand then, at her face. He was literally paralyzed. She looked directly into his eyes and whispered “I told you…” she delicately swiped the feathers of the fan on his face “you have to brake the window” then gently pushed him, leaving him lying on his back, sailing into the dream land. 

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