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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Do You smile when You look upon me?
Are You pleased dear Lord in what You see?
Do I reflect the endless love of You?
Am I leading others to Your truth?
Do I witness to the uttermost parts?
Am I shining Your light within my heart?
Am I giving You the glory that You deserve?
Am I ashamed to tell all of whom I serve?
Am I taking this message to the ends of the earth?
Am I giving all that You are worth?
Am I making full proof of my ministry?
Do all see You when they look upon me?
Do I have the boldness that You require?
Is my hearts cry to do Your desire?
Have I sanctified You in my heart?
Am I ready Lord, to do my part?
Do I give an answer to all whom ask,
Or do I pick and choose whom should know last?
Do I praise You Lord often enough?
Do I only pray when times are tough?
Do I honor You with more than my words?
Has my life been set apart from the herd?
Have I trusted Your wisdom and taught of Your truth?
Have I grown in Your sight since my Youth?
Have I brushed off Your Spirit Lord when You call?
Do I say send me Lord, for You I give my all?
Am I understanding fully, Your love for the lost?
Am I willing to serve You whatever the cost?
Have I counted my blessings, and made up my mind?
Have I chosen to serve You, and walk that narrow line,
Or have I been like a wave dear God, tossed to and frow?
When You've asked me to sacrifice have I said no?
Have I submitted to You Lord, or remained the same?
Am I complacent, or letting You lead my way?
Have I committed to You God, In all that I do?
Have I fallowed my Lord when You've led me in truth?
Have I leaned on You, and not my own understanding?
Do I acknowledge You God, in all my lifes planning?
Though the world slay's me, do I trust in You still?
Is my hearts cry to remain in Your will?
Am I faithful my Lord, as You've been good to me?
Do I thank You daily for supplying my needs?
Do You smile oh God, when You look upon me?
Are You pleased dear Lord, in what You see?
~Because Of Him~ Michael
~He Is The Potter, I Am The Clay~

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