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Friday, April 29, 2011



Stop tying your blessings to the ground
Only allowing God to work and move based on where you are right now
God is bigger than any geographic location
God can handle every situation
Why on God are you placing stipulations
Bless me like this
Then bless me like that
Bless my friends too and cut them some slack
But only bless me in my little corner
I'm a spiritual babe right now, for the big stuff, wait til I'm older
Why is it only a blessing if it comes in the packaging you require
When God is trying to meet your heart's desire
That desire and His will just might take you out of your own backyard (your comfort zone)
And plant your feet on higher ground, closer to the throne
Now those are the blessings we are most scared of
Because they might take us away from the ones we love
They might put a distance between us and our cheering section
Might cause some separation from those who show us affection
When God gives you a blessing its not just for you
It's a seed planted because He has work for you to do
So please don't tie your blessing to the ground
Discern the voices so you know God's sound
Listen to the spirit and move out in faith
Don't be hindered by circumstances thinking you don't rate
God has equipped you to do mighty things
Don't be distracted by the sadness that life sometimes brings
Stop sitting on your blessing
You might lose the lesson
The work God has for you
May mean bidding your current location/occupation/situation/relations "adieu" (goodbye)
Bask in the mercy and grace you've found
Stop tying your blessings to the ground

© Enna A. Bachelor 2007

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