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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Man & Woman

Man & Woman


The Man is Like The Train

At 20 years he is like the local train   it stops at every station

At 30 years he is like the special it stops only at the large towns

At 40 years he is like the express it stops at the big cities only

At 50 years he is like the old locomotive it stops often to water

At 60 years he doesn't leave any more it remains . . . in the yard

The Woman is Like The World

At 20 years she is like
Africa semi-explored

At 30 years she is like
India warm, mature and mysterious

At 40 years she is like
America technically perfect

At 50 years she is like
Europe all in ruin

At 60 years she is like
Siberia everyone knows where it is
But... no one wants to go

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