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Thursday, June 23, 2011


This is the sacred angel.

You MUST pass this angel on to at least 3 people within the hour of
opening this email.

After you do, make a wish.

If you have passed it on, your wish will come
True and money will come your way shortly.

My friend,
Through good times and bad,
My friend,
My buddy,
Through happy and sad,
Beside me you stand,
Beside me you walk,
You're there to listen,
You're there to talk,
With happiness,
With smiles,
With pain and tears,
I know you'll be there, throughout the years!

You are all good friends to me and I am grateful to you.

Send this to all your good friends online to show them
You are friends.

If you get this
Back from:
1 person - you are lonely
2 people - you have a couple friends, but not  many
3 people - you have a few friends....
4 people - you have some friends...
5 people - you have several friends!!
6 people - you have many friends! !!
7 people - you are SOOOO loved!!!
Remember, no man or woman is a failure who has a friend!

If I could sit on the porch with God, the first thing I would do is
thank him for you....

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some
 kind of battle...

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